Castel Sant’Angelo, Now a Museum

Retna and I at the Castel Sant’Angelo, the middle deck before the climb to the highest deck.

Taken from Castel Sant’Angelo’s official website:-

Built around 123 AD as a tomb for Emperor Hadrian and his family, Castel Sant’Angelo has an unusual destiny in the historical and artistic capital of the scene.

While all the other Roman monuments are overwhelmed, reduced to ruins or quarries to be recycled into new materials counting, modern buildings, the Castle – through an unbroken series of developments and transformations that seem to slip into each other seamlessly continuity – accompanies for almost two thousand years the fate and history of Rome.

From funerary monument to a fortified outpost, from dark and terrible prison in splendid Renaissance residence which sees active among its walls Michelangelo, from the Risorgimento prison museum, Castel Sant’Angelo embodies the solemn Roman spaces, in the mighty walls, in the sumptuous frescoed halls, the events of the Eternal City where past and present seem inextricably linked.

The admission is 10 Euro for adults, and twins also got to pay the full amount and daughter got it free.

Panoramic view from the highest deck of Castel Sant’Angelo.

Should you visit this place?  Although it is less ‘grand’ as Basilica, but it served once as the escape path for the Pope.  The escape pavement is well preserved and could arrange for private tour to walk through that.  We missed it, as only found out after we visited the Vatican City.  Bummer.  NVM, more reason to return to Rome.

Pretty Retna, in front of the beautiful Castel Sant’Angelo.

The castle is huge, for obvious reason.

Panoramic view from the highest deck of Castel Sant’Angelo.

It is currently a museum with different exhibits to take place.  Got to praise the organiser, as they need to figure out how to bring in and out of the exhibits, the castle, requires many climbs to get from one place to another.

The stairs to climb inside the castle.

I am not sure what the twins were looking at, but Retna, Inez and I were spending a bit of time looking at the Pope figures done by Manzu and Fountain.  It is good to spend some time here to appreciate and learn on the sculptures made by both of them.  According to the description, they were enemies.  But then much later they both came to work together.

Pope escape passage, no longer in use. But only open to the visitors.

We visited the castle by chance.   We were walking about the Vatican City, thinking to explore the river side areas, then we were stunned by the large castle.

Some of the ceiling artworks at Castel Sant’Angelo.

Just like all the historical sites in Rome, you need to brace yourself in stamina.   There is a lot of walking and climbing inside the castle.

The many wall artworks, which now been protected from further damage.

A tip on the sourvenir buying, should you need to buy, get it from the museum, as in a way to support the museum work through such fundings.  I find purchasing from the outside vendors to be costly.

The many artworks on display inside the Castel Sant’Angelo.

After the much admiration of the external sites of the castle, the four main pillars and posts to guide the castle when it came under siege.   You could start to enjoy the decorations inside the castle.   This is where I could see how the rich in many centuries ago pampered themselves in luxury, well, still does today.

Seagulls on the highest deck, waiting to be fed.

The ceiling paintings, I seriously admire the artists whom did these, would have to lie down and paint, only a few could cherish the finished artworks, unless you are the owners or master, or else who would be allowed to enter the bedroom nor the hall.

All of us at the highest deck of Castel Sant’Angelo.

Some of the artworks are still in restoration stage   That is where the funding would be used.

Do not rush when visiting this place.  There is no place to dine in here, so it is wise to pack some light snack or food before coming in here.

A view of Basilica from Castel Sant’Angelo.

When you reach the top of the castle, this is where you want to chill for a while, as the view is simply amazing.  I wonder, which part of Rome’s view is not amazing. Ha ha ha.




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