Florence, As We Love It

The caricature artist and Inez. In progress.

Florence, according to Italian, is a small city.   A cab driver told us, like 2km radius.  So one could from one point to the other.

We did not walk that much, mainly due to the rain.  But we did walk from the train station to the main attraction.  We reached Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in like 20 minutes of walking.  There is not much of a problem to walk in Florence in February, as it was still sort of like winter.

After the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore visit, which took about 3-4 hours, we decided to walk about in the area.  Two nice things to do in this area – visit a hand made soap and fragrance outlet.  We did not buy any, as I seldom bath with bar soap.  But the smell is nice.  If you love the English garden, then this smell is for you.

I was looking for places which sell men’s grooming item such as wax for moustache, but found none.  Perhaps I was not walking towards the right direction.

Anyway, something else to do, is to have a caricature of yourself.  Which, Inez did.

The caricature artist and Inez

But, the finished drawing, the artist drew Inez to look like someone, whom he drew before.  Ha ha ha.

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