Malaysia Airlines Business Class on A330

Business Class on Malaysia Airline to Sydney

We were in Sydney recently, and want to share my experience on the Malaysia Airlines A330.

Malaysia Airlines (MA) has upgraded its aircraft to A330 with new but weird business class seating.

Weird because it is really uncomfortable if you are seated in seats, mainly the windows for couples as well as towards the end.  The MA seriously does not think too hard how to justify the extra money passengers need to pay.

The generous legroom space but tight spot towards the ankles

1) There is basically no dedicated lavatory for business class, unless the crew ‘locked’ one of the premium economy lavatory for the business class passengers.  I think whoever decided on these layout seriously fail to think really hard

The generous legroom

2) Comfort level, while it is spacious, with more legroom, it is actually not very comfortable unless you are taking the ‘throne’ seat, sitting alone.  Since I am traveling with Retna, we chose the couple seats.  The table is really tiny to put any thing.  Once I put a glass of drink, I can not put anything else.  There is no storage for some Business Class seats.  Again, I find it highly unreasonable that I have to be like the economy class passenger fighting for good seats.

Malaysia Airlines signature Satay

3) The couple seats also problematic when one needs to head to lavatory.  Why?  Because one needs to have really good yoga, pilate kung fu to cross, without waking some one up.  I have seen the A330 layout for some other airlines, which is 1-2-1.  MA has 2-2-1, 1-2-1, 2-2-1.  I mean, seriously, who decide this?  I spoke to Airbus, in a rare occasion, asking about this.  Airbus person told me that the design is up to airlines requirement.

4) One choose to fly Business Class, because one wants comfort, and rest.  I guess with MA, it is depending on where one sits to enjoy that, because some seats just not possible to enjoy any of that.  But a feel of premium economy.  Kind of dumb.

Chef On Call meal

5) I have seen the AirAsia X A330 layout, I have a feeling MA followed that.  I think MA needs to differentiate itself if the brand wants to excel again.

6) Food, tasted ok.  We ordered the chef on call menu, which came as it is, which I think quite impressive.

7) Sleep.  I slept while heading to Sydney, but not when coming back.  I was woken up too many times, to have supper, snacks etc, kind of frustrating.

8) Money worth, I think no.  If I would to fly Business Class, I would not choose MA.