If You Need To, Keep Time On Me. Fleet Foxes in Sydney

Third Of May set

We have been listening to Fleet Foxes since 2008, by chance.  I was listening to Indie folk recommended by one of the online magazine.

We fell in love with White Winter Hymnal the first time we listened to it.  I still remember, I was playing it on my Mac, and after a while, my colleagues told me, I have played the same song like 20x.

Ragged Wood is another song we listened to it so often, that we could sing the song the whole day.

Elijah could also sing Motezuma when he was 5, and he loved to sing it whenever he played with Ariel.  I guess the song really sticked in all our heads.

They went on a hideous after former drummer, Josh Tillman left, and started Father John Misty.  I guess the band went silent for like more than 5 years, before they decided to arise from the hibernation to launch the Crack Up album, which will be released on June 16, 2017.  However, the band has been releasing 3 tracks thus far – Third Of May, Fool Errands and If You Need To, Keep Time On Me.  We love all of them.

When we found out that Fleet Foxes is back on tour, we checked the locations, closes to us – Sydney, Australia.  Actually not exactly close, while France, Spain also tempting locations to be, but I think it is a good time to be back to Sydney Opera House once more after our first visit in 2015.

Sydney Opera House, awaiting for the hall to be filled up

I set the reminder on the To-Do list which to remind myself to buy the tickets when it was opened for sales.  There was also an online queue when we were waiting to buy the tickets.  Honestly, was frustrating, as the tickets went really fast.

Anyway, I tried other avenues to secure 2 tickets, through the MasterCard Priceless Cities programme, but could only get the standing tickets, which I thought what a waste.  Well, I tried a couple of times again to get the tickets from the Opera House, then, BINGO!  We got the tickets.  So excited.

Since the Fleet Foxes was one of the main act of Vivid Sydney, so the place was seriously packed, with people.  It was people everywhere.  So we walked like 4km from the apartment to the Opera House.  While it was winter, kind of nice to walk, because could enjoy the scenery along George Street etc.  It was Vivid, so lighting shows, everywhere.  The walk typically 30 minutes to complete.

Then there was some congestion to get into the concert hall, mainly just so many people.

However we found our seats in less than 10 minutes.

Robin performing Meadowlarks

We were in a rush, did not have time to buy ourselves drinks, because you could bring the drinks into the concert hall (eat this Petronas Philharmonic Hall).  So waited in thirst for the Fleet Foxes.  Well, that’s all right.

The session started at 8:05pm, which was kind of on time.  Fleet Foxes played non-stop till 9:35pm.  According to the concert setlist here, the band did like 23 tracks, with some medley.

When Fleet Foxes did Grown Ocean, my eyes bursted into tears.  That is the song we dedicated to Jackie, our late beloved dog, whom passed away in 2013.

Overall, the concert was really great, although was interrupted by the seriously pariah audience, constantly interrupted the performance with loud yelling.  What a dick.

Something else I seriously did not like – the lighting.  Really just so bright to blind the eyes.  Also the entire performance we could hardly see their faces, because the lights projected towards the audience instead of what’s on the stage.