Lisa Hannigan ‘Swim’ in Sydney, May 2017

Lisa Hannigan live at Sydney Opera House in May 2017

While we doing minor planning for our trip to Sydney, I noticed we have 1 night that was free, and I checked around what to do, and we decided to pay a visit (again) to Sydney Opera House, this time, for Lisa Hannigan. 

Her voice is amazing

Lisa Hannigan, an Irish singer and songwriter, active since 2008, I think, with Damien Rice, before they ended their working, and perhaps some romantic relationship.  The week when we were in Taipei in 2016, Damien Rice was touring in Taipei, but we were there for Bon Iver.  Generally, her songs are kind of depressing, sad and down.

Only 3 of them on stage, for 50+minutes performance.

But what the heck, to appreciate her music as an art, we paid her a visit.

Most of her songs sang in Sydney, I have no idea nor clue about it.  She does not do the talking very much, in fact, I think less than 10 sentences throughout the performance in Sydney.

The ending was kind of like, wow, that was it?