Planning your off springs future, better don’t do it yourself, alone

Seminar for parents to help off springs how to plan their future

What I love about Kuen Cheng High School, the school updates parents what’s going on with the children as well as what parents could learn a thing or two together, with some help.

So, Saturday was one of the many things the school does for the students and the parents.  This time, to plan the off spring future.  The session is done by Mr. Tan, the regular speaker for radio station, seminars, workshops.  He is also the head of counselling of the school.  A really nice teacher to talk and work with.

Mr. Tan, the speaker, also the head of counselling of Kuen Cheng High School

The take home messages below:-

  1. Don’t spoil your kids with unlimited supply of education funds
  2. Don’t let your kids decide how much you should spend on their educations
  3. If your kids have unrealistic education goal and future, please slap them, bring them back to earth.  Ok, Mr. Tan did not teach us to slap our kids.  But that is my assumption
  4. Test your kids whether they know what’s going on in the market.  Chances are, they do not know.  During the session, I noticed some participants think that with a degree, that is certain in many things in life
  5. Teach your kids to grow up, don’t pamper them
  6. There is really no right or wrong in career choices for your kid.  If he or she chooses to be a farmer, let him or her be.  Life does not end when your kids do not want to study medicine to be doctors
  7. Being an artist, singer, actor is not such a bad thing
  8. Talk to your kids often, let them speak their mind, not just you decide what are good for them