The walkway into Cantaloupe

I first discovered Sky Dining at Troika when I was looking for places to have meals with Retna, on special occasions, such as birthday, anniversary.  Just like everything and everyone else would have done – I Google-d for suggestions.

3 of us at Cantalopue, twins had school

The place is by 2 dudes with experience in restaurant opening, selling them, then open new ones.

Cantaloupe is located on the 23A floor of Troika, one needs the access card to reach the floor, from the security team.

The two lovely persons celebrated my birthday with me

The view is great if not blocked by advertisement billboards.

The lunch menu is determined once a month, focusing on French cuisine and presentation.  If you fancy great food accompanied with great presentation, then you will love this.

Inez loves the place, as she commented the food served in really pretty form, and tasted good too.

The duration is typically about 60-70mins to enjoy the experience.

The service team is great too, with great privacy.