Leica D-LUX.

Love of my life, taken on the sky dining

Somethings happened by chance, just like us meeting Leica, and then owning one, and love using it.  We attended a customer dinner hosted by the bank, while many things there were from Germany, including the BMW, handbags, luxury products etc, not many visited Leica, so we did, since I love taking photographs.  The product specialist shown us a few cameras for us to try on, while I love the DSLR type, I am not prepared to spend above RM15k on a camera, just yet.

She has so much to think about during the lunch with her parents

So I arranged with the Leica Malaysia team to order D-LUX, which is a portable, non changeable lens digital camera.

Parents’ Day at Kuen Cheng, we were walking back to our car parked at Nu Sentral

Took some weeks for the camera to arrive, as the team does not keep stock, perhaps brand such as Leica is not exactly a fast moving camera, as compares to the well known Japanese brand.

That was how we started using Leica, more than 1 year now.

Twins with cousin V

Do I still in love in using it?  We do.

Elijah took this of Ariel at the back of the DS5.

The wonderful thing about Leica D-LUX:-

  1. I could have someone else using the camera to take the pictures, and unless the person screw up badly, like terribly, the pictures are generally acceptable
  2. It takes great scenery, which I will cover in the some other blog entries
  3. Leica is especially great with human, even animal too
  4. It tends to give the subject of the pictures a bit of a character
  5. It is fast, and I have use it to take pictures of twins having basketball games with their classmates
Elijah, at the orchid farm
Inez and I, doing a feature article for Oriental Daily. The photographer was late so we took our own pictures instead
Put this on a bench at Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong, on a really hot and bright shinny afternoon
Forgot the name of the Michelin-starred restaurant in Hong Kong, we were given 45minutes to finish the meal
Olga, she loves her pictures being taken
We had a really nice family at a nearby Indian restaurant, walked over here for coffee at cafe nearby before heading home
Grace, Retna and Prema
Taken this on the Main Street of Rome, few minutes before the major political march in Italy
Just passed the main hall of Vatican Museum, taking a short break at the garden before moving on with the rest of the exhibits.
Inez showing Retna some finger tricks
Taken by Inez while we were having Punjabi meals
Still have some light on the park in Sydney