Increase Your Fibre and Protein Intake.

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How is your digestion and intestinal health? Fibre plays an important role in promoting better intestinal health and aiding digestion[1]. Are you getting enough fibre in your diet?

According to the Recommended Nutrient Intakes for Malaysia 2017 report by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, Malaysian adults should get 20-30g[2] of fibre, daily. However, local data reveals that the average urban Malaysian’s daily diet only contains about 13-16g of total dietary fibre[3].

While fruits and vegetables are among the most common source of dietary fibre, legumes such as beans are a very good source of dietary fibre[4]. Canned baked beans are ready to eat straight from the can, making them a convenient and tasty source of dietary fibre.

Baked Beans Tacos

Ayam Brand™ is famed for its wide range of high quality, no preservative and no added MSG, healthy and convenient canned food, being a household name in in Malaysia and much of the South East Asian region for 125 years.

Ayam Brand ™ Baked Beans can help you meet your dietary fibre intake requirements. It complements a healthy diet as it’s a good source of fibre4. There are three variants to suit differing tastes and diet requirements, namely the original Ayam Brand ™ Baked Beans, Ayam Brand ™ Baked Beans Cheese, and Ayam Brand ™ Baked Beans Light that contains 3.9g to 4.51g of dietary fibre per 100g.

Baked Beans Toast

Reasons to Add Baked beans to Your Diet

Baked beans can help stave off hunger longer by filing you up, and moderating blood sugar levels[5]. giving you a steady supply of energy throughout the day to thereby reducing cravings for sugary treats.

Baked beans contain proteins which are contribute to healthier hair and nails, while aiding in the repair of damaged tissues[6]. The lycopene contained in the tomato sauce is an antioxidant that helps protect against prostate, lung and stomach cancer[7]. Baked beans also contain minerals like magnesium, selenium, copper, which are potent antioxidants that protect our cells from free radical attack.

Diets that have been clinically proven to give health benefits, like the DASH Diet (Dietary Approach to Stop Hypertension) and the Mediterranean-diet advocate adding more legumes such as baked beans to the daily diet. You can adopt a healthier diet by cutting down meat, and replacing it with more plant proteins.

Ayam Brand™ selects the best, big northern haricot beans, imported directly from the United States of America for the assurance of consistent quality and taste. The beans are then stewed to perfection so that they maintain their shape, and yet are tender, direct from the can.

Ayam Brand™ Baked Beans come in two sizes – the 425g family size, and the 230g size.  Choose from baked beans in tomato sauce, or tomato sauce with real parmesan cheese for a creamier taste, or Ayam Brand™ Baked Beans in Light Tomato Sauce that has the same great taste but is formulated with 54% reduced sugar and 28% lower salt.

Tips to incorporate baked beans into everyday life. Go meatless at least once a week and replace with baked beans or other plant proteins to increase your nutrient intake while helping to cut down carbon emission. If you are not used to going meatless, start with a baked beans/meat combination first. Add a squeeze of lemon juice as it adds flavour and the vitamin C content helps to increase the absorption of iron and zinc in baked beans!

Ayam Brand™ Baked Beans selects the best, big northern haricot beans, imported directly from the United States of America for the assurance of consistent quality and taste.

Serving suggestions

You can just open a can of Ayam Brand™ Baked Beans and eat it straight out of the can. For a different taste, try Baked Beans & Scrambled Egg or the cheesy Baked Beans Toast for a savoury and sweet start your morning. A quick tip: substitute white bread with wholemeal bread for a healthier option.

For a meatier meal, Sausage & Baked Beans is quick and satisfying, while the exotic, Mexican-inspired Baked Beans Tacos will tickle your taste buds. For an Italian twist, experiment with Penne Baked Beans Bolognese.



[3] Ng, T. (1997). Dietary fat and fibre intakes of Malaysian adults: issues and implications when ‘western targets’ are set as dietary goals. Mal J Nutr, 3(2), pp.137–147.