6 charity homes in Negeri Sembilan receive 2 months’ supply of Ayam Brand products.

Nicholas, speaking to the recipients of the 10th CSR campaign at the event held in Negeri Sembilan.

Ayam Brand™, famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free canned products is celebrating its 125th anniversary with a nationwide initiative themed, ‘We Care, We Are Family’. The anniversary celebration coincides with the 10th consecutive Ayam Brand™ Charity Campaign. This year’s charity campaign will reach 60 charity homes in 11 locations across Malaysia and Brunei, providing 324,000 healthy meals for charity.

Word of encouragement from Nicholas to the participants of the Junior Chef Competition organised by Ayam Brand

Over ten years the Ayam Brand™ Charity Campaign has benefitted close to 18,000 people from 422 charity organizations – providing them with 1,080,000 healthy meals!

A great team work, making meals together
Chilling with friends, while making a meal together

The sixty charity homes, 57 from across Malaysia and 3 from Brunei Darussalam received Ayam Brand™ tuna, mackerel, kernel corn, processed peas, sardines and baked beans sufficient for daily meals for all residents for two months. Close to 1,800 children, disabled and old folks will benefit from this sustained aid.

Various Ayam Brand products are used to create this winning dish at the Ayam Brand Junior Chef Competition
Don’t forget to have fun while participating in the Ayam Brand Junior Chef Competition
Concentration, focus, key to success in making a great meal

In addition to the much-needed contribution of its food products, the annual corporate social responsibility program also introduces new activities every year to keep children engaged, educated and involved to cultivate healthy eating habits and creativity. Among the past activities for children include cooking demonstrations, cooking competitions, cooking workshops and art competitions.

Nice presentation, a Tuna Pasta made with sweet soya sauce as the gravy
The Rumah Ku Sayang came prepared with a menu to explain their dish

This year’s campaign was made livelier and more competitive with Ayam Brand™ Junior Chef cooking competition. Themed ‘We Care, We Are Family’, the cooking competition requires teams of two children to prepare, plate and serve a family-favourite dish using Ayam Brand™ products.

The campaign is in-line with the Ministry of Health Malaysia’s efforts to fight obesity by educating and encouraging children to make informed food choices.

In Negeri Sembilan, the recipients include Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kanak-kanak Seremban, Anak Yatim & Miskin Murad Foundation, Pusat Jagaan Baitul Mahabbah, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Ku Sayang, Pertubuhan Anak Yatim Al Khair and Pertubuhan Anak Yatim Darul Aminan.

Nicholas, presenting the trophy to the 3rd place winner
Nicholas presenting the trophy to the first runner up
The winner of Ayam Brand Junior Chef Competition for Negeri Sembilan 2017

Ayam Brand™ emphasizes the contribution of its sardines, mackerel and tuna products as many charity homes lack regular access to a good source of Omega-3, which is an essential fatty acid that our body cannot produce. Omega-3 may help to prevent coronary heart disease, promote healthy nerve activity, improve vitamin absorption, maintain a healthy immune system and promote cell development. Omega 3 is also important in the development of vision and brain among children.