Walking with Leica at night in Bandar Puchong Jaya.

An accidental bokeh at Bandar Puchong Jaya

Our dear daughter has the ballet class at night, for an hour of waiting, instead of like most of the parents would do – waiting at the cafe or the ballet school with their phones, I chose to walk about, to digest the dinner I just had with Inez.  Better still, I brought the Leica along, as well as Fleet Foxes, streamed wirelessly on the bluetooth earphones.

A car show room which pass the opening hours

I talked to the helper at the food trucks before taking these pictures, as I think street photography should be given utmost care in terms of people privacy.  No one should be photographed without knowing that they are.

One of the 3 lok-lok food trucks in Bandar Puchong Jaya

I walked to the food truck street at Jalan Kenari, which is very close to many things in Puchong – banks, restaurants, pubs etc.  I wanted to take pictures at the pubs, inside the pubs, of course I have no chance of doing so, none of the outlets allowed me to do so.  I fully understood their concerns.

A gent from Bangladesh, I asked his permission before taking this picture, he is really happy about the work done here

The pictures I have taken are to show the great sides of Puchong, I love the place, I work here, and live here.  So I would treat the place with great respect.  However, I do show the dark sides of Puchong I do not like.  Not that I want to paint the place dark, but so that attention would be given to change, for the better.

For a picture taken with the food truck helper arranging the kangkung into the sticks neatly, I really enjoyed taking these pictures, as the gent allowed me to.  I talked to him about how long he has been here, due to the sensitivity, I chose not to share the information in this blog.  I praised him for the great work he has done here.  Also because of no local to take on the jobs, such opportunities could only be given to the entrepreneur spirit filled gents from abroad.

Kangkung, wrapped in stick, nicely done by the Lok-Lok food truck operator

I walked around with the Leica strapped on my neck, and I was being careful, so not be the victim of snatch theft.  One just never know, as I have witnessed such incident at Jalan Kenari before.

The 24 hours signage at an international bank near the food truck street in Bandar Puchong Jaya

I want Puchong to be a place that is safe to walk about at all time, no matter day or night.