Antabax POWER Graffiti.

Antabax, the number 1 Halal antibacterial personal care range[1], is launching the Antabax POWER Graffiti Competition 2017 to explore the power of Malaysian-ness through street art.

The competition is themed POWER Malaysia, and challenges graffiti artists to interpret the POWER of Malaysia, Malaysians and Malaysian-ness as they see it. POWER embodies the dynamism, energy and youthful spirit of Malaysia as it celebrates 60 years of independence.

The Antabax POWER Graffiti Competition is held in collaboration with the National Art Gallery.

Graffiti may range from simple writing on surfaces to elaborate paintings or ‘pieces’ on walls. They have existed since ancient times and their modern forms, usually created using spray paint, have become a legitimate art form.

Malaysia has a lively street art underground, and a pool of internationally recognized street artists. Street art has become a public and tourist attraction in itself in heritage areas, urban centers and through street festivals that have encouraged both foreign and local artists to create iconic motifs that have become must-visits.

The competition offers what is believed to be among the richest cash prizes for a street art competition in the country, totalling RM20,000 with the first-place crew receiving RM7,500 in cash, the second RM4,500, the third RM2,500 and 11 consolation prizes of RM500 each. In addition, crews will receive a supplies subsidy of RM200 for spray paint and respirator masks, as well as Antabax hampers for crew members.

The competition is a two-parter, with entries welcomed through online submissions from July 24 to August 24 through the Antabax Facebook fanpage at

Fourteen of the online submission will be shortlisted by a panel comprising of the Antabax team, art experts from the National Art Gallery and a mystery Malaysian street artist. The fourteen crews will engage in a five-hour long live graffiti battle on the grounds of the National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur to create 8 foot by 8 foot pieces that reflect their interpretation of POWER Malaysia. The battle date will be announced soon.

Final judging will be based on the finished artwork, not on online submissions.

This will be the first event under the Antabax’ POWER campaign. Antabax is a proudly Malaysian personal care brand that is recognized and acknowledged among consumers for its wide range of antibacterial products that offer gentle cleansing that kills 99.9% of germs for 24-hours antibacterial protection.

Ms Mandy Lee, Senior Brand Manager, Household and Personal Care Department, Marketing Division of Lam Soon Edible Oils Sdn Bhd said that Antabax’ POWER campaign reflects a proudly Malaysian brand that is the fastest growing in the antibacterial personal care category[2].

“Antabax is a relatively young brand in the antibacterial personal care space, yet we have shown amazing POWER in our growth and acceptance. This is why our brand identifies with dynamism, youth and energy – qualities that we see in graffiti and street art. As our nation celebrates 60 years of independence we felt it was the right time to celebrate the POWER of Malaysia through art that reflects the spirit of our brand,” Ms Lee said.

“Crews need to show the POWER of Malaysia, and to add in the Antabax sign-off as we want Antabax to be an essential part of Malaysia,” she added.

The National Art Gallery was established in 1958 by the first Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman. The gallery had a humble beginning of only four artworks which were donated. As of today, there are over 4,347 pieces of artwork which are permanently housed in the gallery. It is the hub for the gathering of arts, crafts and cultural pieces and activities.

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Najib Ahmad Dawa, Director General of National Art Gallery said that this is a great opportunity to educate people on graffiti and to give the artists another avenue to showcase their talents to a wider audience.

“This competition will draw the best in Malaysia, and we look forward to hosting these graffiti experts as they show a live audience the skills, smarts and talent it takes to be among the best street artists in Malaysia. We would like to invite everyone to the National Art Gallery for an adrenaline-fueled, fun-filled day,” said Prof. Dato’ Dr. Mohamed Najib Ahmad Dawa.

To submit your entry, please log on to Facebook at or to read through our terms & conditions.