Balai Seni Lukis. NegaraKu.

An art piece with many road names, famous local politicians on it

For 2016, I spent some days visiting National Arts gallery, which was formerly known as National Visual Arts Gallery, to look at the many artworks done there.  Few of them were my personal favourite, the old photographs of ladies living in Malaysia, artworks to demonstrate how human kills as well as white clothes, which Inez once asked me, what was that about.

An exhibit of #NegaraKu at National Arts Gallery

We were there a while ago, and I am impress with the NegaraKu exhibits, which everything focuses on the national independent celebration, through arts.

There is also an exhibit by a Malaysian curator focusing on Hindu temples, the many paintings as well as photographs.  I think the paintings are nicer, than the photographs.

Hindu Temple painted a Chinese artist
A magnificent painting by a Malaysian painter on Hindu temple