So I was at Thistle.

Nice view in the evening

Have been passing by Thistle several times, as and when we were in Johor Bahru, staying here, was my first.

So I decided to give it a try.

Thistle Johor Bahru
Taken in the evening, with low Aperture for additional lighting

The front desk was not very welcoming, just 1 personnel at any one time.  Or at least when I was there, I approached the front desk for things such as where to for meals, drinks, fitness centre etc.  I needed to wait a while before attended, or I simply walked away, explore the place myself.

Room layout is nice, I like the way how the door is at an angle so to provide great amount of privacy to the guests who stay here.  Most hotel would have a door open and see it all approach, Thistle thinks about that.  So, got to walk in then to see the whole room, or what’s inside.  Good design.

The main lobby
Entrance into the hotel
The main dining hall of the hotel

Bathroom amenities are great for travellers who do not take anything.

They have a ‘Knock Knock’ dial-in service, which to attend any requests.  I used it for my laundry.  I missed out in my work shirt packing.  They also attended my request of having many water bottles.

The fitness centre is great and well equipped, with pretty much no one using it, except me.

Food taste, is great.

I want to highlight that chef Choy, from Ipoh is especially attentive to guests.  He offered me a ‘special egg’ when I ordered an egg omelette.  It is filled with mushroom and cheese.  The egg tasted like pizza more than omelette, which kind of an interesting way of cooking.  He also checked with me on the feedback and comment.  Invited me to have more, which he would be more than happy to make for me, however, 2 eggs a day, just simply too much for me.

Choy also spoke to other guests there, offering them tips of what to try in the hotel especially for foreign guests.

‘Special Egg’ by chef Choy

I think not every Thistle personnel is like Choy.  If they are, then I think this Thistle would have overdone Ritz Carlton.

Chef Choy, who was making the eggs for the guests in the morning.

What a pity.