Day Trip. Ipoh.

Shop lots with pastel colours

The trip was short, less than 5 hours in Ipoh, and we were out.

We were there for Ayam Brand.

During lunch, I walked about the area where we were at, Jalan Sambanthan, kind of historic.

Mawa, repair shop
Narrow lane, so many in Ipoh
Arch on each of the shop lots in Ipoh

I was mistaken as Korean and then Japanese during the walk about.

The owners of the shops were happy to see me.  Perhaps I was holding a camera.

I spoke to some, but some I did not.

I spoken to the kids of the homes participated in Ayam Brand campaign, asked about whether I could take pictures of them, they agreed.

6 friends I made in Ipoh
3 friends I made in Ipoh
Friend I made in Ipoh

All pictures taken on LEICA, with manual mode.