Just missed the crew releasing the rope back onto the ferry

I have taken ferry many times in Penang.

Since I was born here, I remember we only stop taking ferry when the first bridge was built in 80s.  However, we back to taking ferry, due to the nostalgic value.

Relaxing, chilling moment for the crew on board

It is always an amazing time to spend, like 10 minutes on the ferry, from one jetty to the next.  In fact, taking the bridge, while it may be faster, but one misses that moment to ponder upon the day. I think while you are on a train, bus or in Penang a ferry, you could spend that time to think about the day that has been or just to think what is ahead.

Well, I guess most people now would spend that time to read, play games or simply chatting online with someone.

I took the time to walk about on the ferry, kind of weird for some, especially they may think I am a Korean or Japanese, with a camera, but it is always good, because I may look like some foreign photographer, and chances are, the people would allow me to take pictures of them.

There was once, I took pictures of the foreigners waiting for their transport, I showed them the pictures after.

Sometimes, while at work, I will utilise the time when I could be away from the work, to walk about, taking pictures.  Taking to the people.

Life is short, so play hard.

Old rope on the ferry, probably been there for a really long time
The best time to spend – on reading
We love to spend our time, occupying with something.
Time to read, digest, find information on the smartphone
Bikes, rushing out from the ferry once it arrived at the jetty