Food for thoughts, good thoughts.

The trophies and certificates for the winners

Last Thursday I was in Georgetown, Penang, with my colleague as well as client, for Ayam Brand Community Care 2017 for Penang Region.

We were there to meet and greet 6 charity organisation based in Penang, namely Rumah Kebajikan Seri Cahaya, Wisma Anak Kesayangan, House of Hope, The Cerebral Palsy Children’s Association of Penang, Shammah Homes and Rumah Kanak-Kanak Taman Bakti.

The client held such event once a year throughout Malaysia, including East Malaysia, and Brunei too.  We are glad to be a part of this campaign, working with the many charity organisation, understanding their needs, struggles as well as suggestions to help them better.

We started the event with product presentation and having the Ayam Brand educating the attendees on health aspects of the products, and then we moved on to a session, having the attendees to prepare meals creativity, and tastily.

Just like all other locations we have been to, we are also surprised by the participants of these contests, as they put up really great performance of team work and creativity on the food.

I spoke to some of the guardians at the event, they told me, such activities give and empower the children with some form of independence, team work as well as ability to interact with others, especially, outside of their regular circle.

It was a fun time getting together, making food together

I have also witnessed few attendees went through the process of assembling the food, through some of form steps, in a tent card system.  I could see they refer to the pointers from time to time.  Just how serious they are about getting things done.  In a way, we feel some kind of achievements, as we are able to be there and provide a platform for the attendees to experience something which, to normal people, just normal stuff to do.

Coming and learning together

While we gave out prizes to the winners, we do reward every attendees for their participation.  It is a great time to spend away from work desk.