Stealing Technique.

Inside the new LRT, where you could see the resemblance of Malaysia, blue, red, yellow, people in multi ethnic groups

I have the Leica D-LUX for more than 1 year now.  When I look at the pictures I have taken when we first got the camera, maybe not use to the feature, capabilities etc, so most pictures I have take may not be nice, at all.

Shadow, curiosity kind of photography I learn from Fulvio.

Thanks to the few photowalks and lessons I attended organised by media as well as Leica team in Malaysia, I gained some new insights into how to take story telling pictures.

There were times when I traveled for work, I could stop myself from walking out from the lunch break with clients to have some time to snap pictures of the places and people.  The most recent ones, being in Georgetown, Ipoh, KK and Brunei.

People, waiting for LRT
Uncle and auntie put on the extra layer to keep themselves from catching cool

I will continue to explore the world of photography as an interest, which I think I like to photograph something which tell a story to the audience.

I have some plans in mind, of what I would like to work on.