When stupid people remains stupid

We stayed at a Airbnb apartment in Johor recently.  The experience was not great, mainly the host or our handler was someone, whom I think must be really dumb to begin with. I find it beyond my comprehension to ask someone where I can park our car.  His reply, “Car park Mr. Tan,”

“The basement or the floor above car parks, because there are two here,” I said.

“Car park, Mr. Tan,” he again replied.

I went to the basement car park which is designated for the visitors, ouch.  Only found out when I needed to exit the car park.  The not so helpful security personnel, whom only speak Nepali struggled to tell me where the auto pay machine is located, and I was also struggling to understand him.


I overheard a discussion concerning a will which may reach a Chinese Christian Son In Law.

I learn that Chinese Christian Son In Law (“CCSIL”) is actually a evil character in some fiction.  He played an angelic face with an evil heart inside.

CCSIL would take the possession of the in-law’s house and turning it into the Christian missionary home, where the missionary from anywhere could have a roof over their heads when they are doing God’s work.

So beware of the CCSIL.