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4.82, seems ok rating

I just learn that the drivers in the Uber app would also rate the passengers, instead of just one way kind of rating system.  I think it is only fair should the drivers only got to know who they would be fetching, sending to.

Should the passenger is one that causing massive issue with most ride, then driver could choose not to pick up the job.

I remember using Uber when in Hong Kong, which I enjoyed very much with the services there, more so, when a Tesla turned up to fetch the passengers.  It seems very common in Hong Kong where Uber drivers choose electric cars for the business.

I read this article that illustrated how ride hailing service could be health hazard to the passengers. The ride hailing companies incentivised the drivers, by keeping them to stay on the road longer, which could lead to tiredness and resulted unforeseen danger on the passengers as well as other road users.

Yesterday ride with Grab, the driver told me, the incentive is kind of hard to get.  So I asked him how hard?  He said that the incentive goes by hours, number of passengers the driver could fetch.  So when he was about to hit the incentive, often the app would send him some where further resulted him unable to achieve the incentives.

However, I have no idea how the incentives work by the ride hailing companies.

I have heard rumours of rather confirmed information from the drives that they could achieve RM10k or more per month just working on the ride hailing.  Again, just saying, I have no proof.

Reading this article – which shared the similar frustration I had with ride hailing service when the app or company (I don’t think we should refer to them as app, as it is operated by company) decided to increase or spike the fare to additional, like 10%, 30% etc.

I also find it annoying when I booked a ride, and later got a call from the drivers to cancel the ride, simply, I was heading to Puchong, a land some claimed to be the traffic jam haven.

Or wait, more ridiculous one, I did not turn on the app, I don’t know why the app pushed the ride request to me, the driver was at home sleeping.  He certainly checked his phone while he was asleep.

So, should we stop using the ride hailing app, in a way, for me, I choose to fast over ride hailing, for now.