Take pictures to remember Jakarta

A happy Indonesian elder man having his picture taken

I do not like Jakarta.

I have been there, sat through the heavy traffic jam as well as attended a meeting of which the person forgot that I was there, so my experience with Jakarta was like empty, or empty-handed kind of relationship.

In November, I was given a chance to be there again, this time for work.  Even the previous trip to Jakarta was also for work.  It is not really a destination for holiday.  Unless you are from a really advanced city, wanting to experience living in a city with 9.6million people.

I did some checking on internet, it offers seriously up market pub and night life in this region.  However, I did not visit any of these places 🙂

So I was there less than 24 hours.  After the work stuff completed, I have few hours before heading to the airport, I walked about.

I taken pictures of people I met, as well as places which I think kind of interesting.

Pictures let me remember Jakarta, in different perspective.

A Chinese fusion restaurant client brought us to have supper in Jakarta.
Tea seller at the event where I was at.
Cleaning crew awaiting for the event to be over so they could start the cleaning tasks.
Morning snacks near a government office.
The tuk-tuk, tiny passenger carrier.
Kids playing football, next a mural with conversation.
A happy bread seller, returning home with an empty cart.
A happy Indonesian elder man having his picture taken
Bakso stall, with Uber rider patronising the food.