alt-J, Tokyo

The props for alt-J, getting ready

During one of the work lunches, client asked me what concert I would like to watch in 2017, I said alt-J, that was in January 2017.  We waited for a while until alt-J announced the Asia tour, and we checked which locations we would like to attend, picked Japan, as we could bring the kids along for their first Japan experience, while we watch the concert.

The challenge to buy tickets for concerts in Japan is always a challenge – language as generally no English in the ticketing website.  So after some trial, bought the tickets from a ticket agents with some handling fee.  The tickets were mailed to me 1 month in advance, prior to the concert.

yahyel, opening act for alt-J

Going to Akasaka BLITZ was no easy task.  First of all, Google Maps pointed us to some place, then a nice car jockey shown us the way to walk there.  BLITZ is like Life Centre in Kuala Lumpur, a concert hall, for perhaps smaller crowd.  The ticket agent bought us the standing ticket, which we regretted, as we stood for 3.5 hours for the concert, which inclusive of the waiting.  The drinks the organiser forced all of us to buy, 500Yen each was water-downed whiskey, which mainly tasted like  whiskey flavoured water.

We were pushed from the front to then middle, ultimately to the back, well, Asian, always have the discrimination in store.

Back to concert.


We had yahyel for the opening act, Indie pop band from Japan, with some powerful tracks to captivate the audience, especially when majority had no idea who they are, me included.

Tracks performed by yahyel, Iron, Rude and some others from Flesh and Blood album.  They provided very powerful percussion, mixing and vocal performances, which really pushed me and perhaps the audience to pay attention to the band.  I communicated with the band after the concert, they have informed me that Malaysia could be on the band’s tour list in 2018.

On alt-J, they started with 3WW.

There was a wayward lad
Stepped out one morning
The ground to be his bed
The sky his awning
Neon, neon, neon
A blue neon lamp in a midnight country field
Can’t surround so you lean on, lean on
So much your heart’s become fond of this
Oh, these three worn words
Oh, let me whisper like the rubbing hands
Of tourists in Verona
I just want to love you in my own language
I really love this song.  When 3WW was introduced as a single, I was thinking, the song is really sounding totally different from whatever alt-J has made in the past.
alt-J went on with Something Good, Nara, The Gospel of John Hurt, Taro etc, before reaching encore with Left Hand Free and Breezeblocks.  No further nor final thank you by alt-J once they did their last song.  I remember Linkin’ Park came out to hand whatever they had on stage to the fans.
I seated on the stairs outside BLITZ after the concert (3.5 hours standing), while waiting for Retna (long washroom queue line).  A group of white girl (I could have addressed them as Caucasian, but they addressed themselves as white girl) came seated near me, to smoke and I could hear their conversation quite loudly, “We all got the typical white girls’ names,”
Well, I just want to love you in my own language, it does not matter you are white, brown, yellow nor black.