Seemless Experiences

I agree that there is no way we could replace human touch.

There is way how we could screw the human being, by being human being.

When I asked the chatbot on Facebook, Airmail for troubleshooting, I always get replies.  In fact the machine learning already kind of advance (ok this is not new), that the questions I asked, the chatbot could already find the closest responses to assist.  May not be the most accurate, but there are some helps.

I ordered a Grab today, for me to head to the NAZA Euro service centre to collect the beloved DS5 (routine service).  Got the driver (yay), then he cancelled the ride.  Got the second driver (yay again), he again cancelled the ride.  When it came to the 3rd driver (no yay anymore), I called him to ensure he knew he is my ride, he did not answer the call.

So I was not sure whether he was coming or not.

The frustration here – when I asked chatbot, I got a reply.  When I called a human being, I seldom get any reply.

When I spoke to Jackie (our beloved dog who is in heaven now), she listened to me.  When I scolded her, she knew.

Same goes to Olga and Manikam (Julia has her own mind, maybe she is human!).

I was supposed to receive a replacement SIM from a telco, which the logistic is handled by GDEX.  I generally have no problem with GDEX, since aboutcom is also using GDEX.  However, the SIM has an expiry date for activation.  I read the email sent to me, 48 hours.  I should have received it on Monday of February 5, now is 8, it has not reached me just yet.

I took the time to track the item, it was seated inside the delivery van, I suppose small item, he or she missed it.

Called the customer service of GDEX, was told they sent messages to the team, no reply.  I asked, why not try to call?  The response, “No one pick up the phone,”