Got annoying emails from Spotify to my dear wife as well as the twins, asking them to rectify their addresses.

I mean, for such suspicious email, you think anyone going to click it?

So upon discussion, we decided not to reply to such email, neither we are going to click it.

Guess what, Spotify removed the twins and my dear wife from the Spotify Premium for Family, because they did not response.

I mean WTF Spotify.

Spotify was (notice ‘was’ here) collecting money from me every month, without fail (auto debit), and instead of asking me (which I logon to the site to check such request, none that I found), you went ahead with your decision to remove my family members from the Spotify Premium for Family.

Goes are the songs and playlists downloaded to their respective iPhones.

Kind fo annoying, seriously.

So, I re-invited them to the Spotify Premium for Family, guess what, rejected after many trials.

Contacted Spotify (online chat), was told I did not response to the request of the address, so they have removed my family members.

However after I told the customer support how annoyed I was and decided to cancel or terminate my Spotify account, I was told, “Tan, we have added your family members back,”

“Please remove them and me as well, in fact terminate my account and remove me from Spotify forever, never again I will subscribe nor use your services,” I replied.

Yep, I deleted Spotify apps from my iPhone, iPads as well as uninstalled the Spotify from my MacBook Pro and MacBook.  Spotify is gone, from me, forever.

Anything comes between me and my family, removing them away from me, deserves nothing from me, nothing.