When you shop online, beware of these things

I was buying an outdoor water filter.

I looked around physically and online, shortlisted to Coway Bamboo and 3M AP902.

While I like 3M products (disclaimer, not all of them), as I have 3M Crystalline tint for our beloved Peugeot (I find it not as great, in fact I dislike it compares what we got on our DS5, which is also another American brand, no free advertisement, as we paid in full for that), scotch tape (always on my desk, I do not use any other brand), sticky note (again, always on my desk), scotch brite (yep, handy in the kitchen) as well as Scotch hangers (I used it to put up all our paintings, pictures).  I dislike Korean product (You would not find any of them at work as well as at home), except we bought Coway filter and dispenser, because I dislike Elken, neither do I like Diamond Water (we had them before, the after sales, just like mafia, depending who gets the contact first, there was no system to manage the customer), so the choice pretty limited.

Of course as a consumer, we will shop online to find the best deals.

3M water filter on Lazada

I found Coway could give us 10% discount, with additional 1 year of service package.

For 3M AP902, difference between RM10-100, see who is giving what.  So here is thing.

Would expect 3M, an international company, more so an American based, would have thought of some to manage an online platform of dealers selling online.  Well, sure the 3M would say simply we could not control it.

So bought the item from one of 3M dealer, based in Cheras.  Item delivered, called to check, who to install this filter.  Told me to refer to installation guide.  I told him if I could (I know maybe I could install a water filter myself during the CNY break), I would not selected the installation option.  He told me, additional charge applies.  So, here is the thing.  The bloody fine print.  Fucking misleading.

Contacted Lazada for the return.  Was told that the return charges will be by me, not Lazada nor the seller, because I do not like the item.  So think of any other reasons, other than change of mind so you could get the free pick up and return services.

Lazada asked me, why you changed of mind, have you open the boxes?  Packaging?

I said change of mind, means my mind changed, I do not need this item anymore.  If I do not need it anymore, why would I open the packaging??

I never like buying things from Lazada.  It puts a buyer through a series of slow process.  From confirming your order.  I always wonder what is there to confirm?  You have got my money.  Then you wanted me to wait a few days for you to confirm that?

Lazada also has the tendency of having its seller gone MIA (missing in action), I also bought cordless phones.  The seller gone dead silence for a week, then finally contacted me, if I would consider other model or refund as the stock is out.  I mean seriously?  What the fuck!  You did not check your stock before putting the items up for sale?  Hello, just in time, stock check?

While I am not a fan of Grab.  Neither is Uber, I use them from time to time, especially when I am on my way to collect our cars, or our twins to come back from the wherever.  I collected reward points thanks to twins rides.

So I got this from Grab for valentine.

69 rides?  Seriously Grab?

I am sure you enjoyed the 69 rides.

I have had 2 cancellations by the drivers this week, when the DS5 encountered directional headlamp fault ended up in the service centre.  I walked to the service centre instead.

Just when the world kills the joy of buying things from an outlet to now cutting down the human interaction, destroying the cab industry (not that we have such great cab services here), disrupted, badly.