yahyel, Tokyo

Retna and I were in Tokyo in November for alt-J.

yahyel did the opening act.  Honestly, we have no idea about the band, first time hearing their performance.  More so, no idea on the music genre, art approaches, neither the style.

I have no idea the songs they played, but the next day I had the Spotify (which I no longer use) on to listen their albums, I could sort of remember what tracks they played during the opening act.

  1. Kill Me
  2. Once
  3. Joseph
  4. The Flare
  5. Rude
  6. Iron

Probably need yahyel team to confirm whether I got the above right.

Yahyel, an Indie pop band from Tokyo, established since 2015.  Not much information available about the band.  Since the performance in Tokyo, I have gotten in touch with the band, they informed that Kuala Lumpur is on the roadmap for 2018, since we have an active Indie music scene in Malaysia.

Retna and I were at Fleet Foxes recently, which the music was great, but the venue kind of sucky.  We especially find it offensive when some decided to smoke like a chimney at Fleet Foxes concert.  If it is Red Hot Chilli Pepper, I could tolerate.

During alt-J concert, many were drinking and some rude foreigners, but no one smokes.

Yahyel is like Bon Iver, I could not make up the words 🙂

However I love the rhythm, there is a sequences to the musics, heavily electronic, danceable, and yet you could relate to the music.  The tempo is not predictable like what one of our neighbour’s loud car stereo would be, techno.  I wonder what is there to appreciate on those tracks.  Ok, I may be wrong.

Recently we joined a DJ workshop, we learn to appreciate music at different level, in terms of arrangement and mixing.

Yahyel performance comes with the great visuals and lightings, which work so well with the music.

Shun’s vocal is powerful, goes so well with the emotions of the songs.  I am not sure about the drummer’s name, he is a skinny dude with such powerful skills, especially in Iron.  I was totally captured by his percussion.

There are 2 DJs in the band, I also not sure about their names, I really like The Flare and Joseph during the live performance, so incredibly great vibes.

I look forward to meeting yahyel, again soon.

Yahyel introduced its latest album.  You can find it here.