Amps Air

Credit: Sol Republic

Have been admiring the wireless earpods, but did not find I like.  Tried the Apple EarPods when I was in Tokyo, find it kind of weird, to have earphones cord being cut off.

While I was at Bic Camera in Osaka, a night before heading home to KL, I bought Sol Republic Amps Air.

I first tried Sol Republic in 2012, when I was in Singapore for a work trip.  Before boarding I walked into tax free electronic shop to get a pair earphones for me to enjoy some music while coming back to KL.  I picked it.

Sol Republic and I did not end up well.  The microphone constantly malfunction, which the brand then replaced it a couple of times, until much later, they just told me no replacement anymore, please buy a new one.  I cut the earphones into pieces and mailed it back to Sol Republic.  It did not end well.

Amps Air is light weight, fits nicely into the ears.

Easy to pair.

It sounds great.

Ok, that’s about it, on the good things.

Amps Air does not connect to the iPhone X automatically, unlike Bose QC35.

So gotta manually connect it through the iOS Settings page.  Kind of down.

Battery life, sucks.  Only 2 hours.  I was on the flight back from Tokyo, ended up listening to music from Bose QC35 instead.  At least that lasted 20 hours.

PowerBank, my ass.  To charge an iPhone X to full, keep dreaming.

No special short cut on the earphones, so can only answer calls, end calls, play and pause the music.  Can not skip, next etc.

Phone conversation in public places is a mess.  The callers can hardly hear me.  In fact can not.

The charging case is heavy.  Making it really not pocket friendly.