Just Grab My Ass

I shared my experience on Grab & Uber about 2 months back.  Actually I am not a fan of both.

If I can, I would walk or drive.

So I went on Grab this afternoon, since Retna already at the meeting place, I opted to take public ride so no need to drive 2 cars there.

Requested Uber at first, but could not find the ride, after taking 3 minutes, I think I would best get a ride from Grab, which then I switched over.

Lo and behold, the Grab driver picked up my ride request and came in like 5 minutes.  Quite efficient.  Was impressed.

The Grab app prompted, “The ride is here, get ready!”

So I was in front of the house, waited for the Grab car.  Waited a while, and then I called the driver.  No reply.  I saw the Grab car parked 60 meters from where I was.  I called the driver again, to ensure that I got the right ride.  She answered, “I am having a hard time making turn, can you walk over here?”

For the record, where I was at, I have seen garbage truck making turns, or gas delivery van, postage delivery service making turns.  So, maybe the Grab driver is a bad driver, so let’s cut her some slacks.

Got into her car, “Hi, I am XXX, I am your Grab ride today.” she said politely.

“Great, let’s go,” I said.

She reached a t-junction without any stopping and making the turn, then another turn again at a cross junction.  I asked, “You sure know how to drive?  Can you please stop at the junctions, I love my life,”

“It’s your lucky day sir, this is my first day driving for Grab, and I have no time to attend the briefing yet, supposed to be 3pm today, I just blur-blur drive la,” she said.

“What, you mean Grab let you drive without attending a briefing?” I asked anxiously.

“Just started, where got time to attend briefing la, I just drive la, the guy from Grab said I can drive first, no need to attend briefing,”

“Wow, like that also can?” I said.

Anyway, the driver was not too sure on the location nor the direction, so I directed her along the way.

She told me about her sad story.  Anyway, I have heard some sad stories from the Uber and Grab drivers – loss jobs, loss families, betrayed etc.

For her, she started of as an airline crew, bought many things for other people, but people did not pay her back, after some years of service, due to the age limit, her contract was not renewed, and got into major credit card debts, because good she bought, many did not pay her back.

Started helping a friend in business, then the business turned bad, have not received salary for some months.  So, need to survive, so opted for Grab.

I am no one to judge.

But if my life is in danger, who is there to ensure I am safe?