iPad Pro Screen Shuttered, What You Should Know, If You Have One

Being a really nice father, I passed my iPad Pro (10.5) to our daughter on Sunday evening, while I was doing the house chores.  She will use it to watch kids program on Netflix, which we have setup an account for her.

So, she watched something, so excited, dropped it, and the screen shuttered, even I had a glass protector on.

Well, as you can see from the picture, it is pretty bad.

I contacted Apple Care, was told it is not covered under the warranty.  So was quoted RM2,600 for the replacement.  Being a China man, I opted to search around where I could have the screen changed.  Got in touch with some of my regular Apple repair handy men, and quoted RM1,600 for the screen replacement.  I checked ifixit.com, repairability score is at 2/10, so this means it is totally hard to repair, you either write it off, or pay for the replacement cost, i.e. RM2,600.

So, I have paid the amount, and waiting for the replacement unit to arrive, which according to the authorised Apple repair centre, could take up to 6 weeks.

Few things I would like to share as parent, learning from this very painful experience.

  1. Don’t pass your electronic device(s) to your kid(s).  They do not know how it works, and the value of these things.  Like to our daughter, she is not sure what is RM2,600, in terms of value.
  2. Teach your kid(s) once done something wrong, like breaking your electronic device(s), or anything does not belong to them.  I have noticed kids do not know the value of items, unless you have taught from young.
  3. Time to teach them about money, value of things.  It sucks to teach someone something when you are angry.  Teaching someone something so important is crucial so that the kid would learn an important lesson in life.  It is just, priceless.
  4. Know that generally electronic devices are expensive to repair.  This is especially true with Apple devices.  While I was at the authorised service centre, I could hear the negotiation between the customers and the service personnel on the pricing.  I could see how upset most of the customers are (me included), so just be aware that Apple products are not cheap to repair.  And never go with non-genuine parts.
  5. Never leave whatever you have in your electronic devices, without backing them up.  It is easier to say than done.  With phones now have capacity such as 64GB, 256GB, where as the free iCloud space is only 5GB.  So you would need iCloud space, be prepared to pay for it.
  6. Make your kid(s) pay for the repair or replacement.  You probably think I must be out of my mind.  Not really.  Technically you should have taught your kid how to save.  May not be much, but saving starts some where, like as low as RM0.10, or RM1.  Then teach them that the amount should grow.  So, work out an instalment plan for your kid to repay you back.