Weekend, Water

So last weekend, 500,000 household and commercial units experienced long water disruption, from March 6 to March 11, and some until today, still no water.

Instead of thinking about water disruption, we have gone to learn some free hand sketch at Islamic Arts Museum Malaysia, a workshop organised by the museum.  Then, since we could not cook at home, we had lunch at the restaurant, which to be honest, while the service sucks, the food is great.

Retna and Inez, at the workshop

We visited the curated exhibition on “Syria, Yemen, Iraq: The Risk of Forever Being Lost”.  A great idea which the museum collaborated with International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).  Just few things which I think could have been better.

More research on the photographs.  I am sure with the digital format, many of these building pictures could be found some where online.  Just not Wikipedia alone.  We have so many Malaysian been to Yemen and Syria (for whatever reasons), they may have photographs.

Now and then, clearer explanation.

The video is big let down.  Seriously depressing music.  While it is sad on the situation in these countries, could we play something else, something slow, sad but not depressing.

We headed back to the weekend home, dipped into the pool, enjoyed ourselves with some paratha, while I continued to take more pictures with my iPhone X and Leica.

Roti paratha in progress
Roti paratha, he makes it tasty
Another geometry