HomePod, sitting in front of Yamaha, with Google Home Mini sitting on it.

I love music.

Retna and I share about the same taste in music.  Not that all the genre we could listen together, but we have some common artists we listen together on regular basis.

I also have music I listen to with our kids.

When AirPlay first arrived on the iOS, we opted for KLIPSCH KMC 3, which is a portable speaker, with super great sub woofer, which we played it outdoor a lot when washing the cars.  We then placed it inside the living room, for anyone to enjoy the great sound of music.

Later through a trip to Taipei, we discovered Bangs and Olufsen, which was installed inside our hotel room.  The housekeeper would come in at night (while we were out for dinner) to turn down the room, and turn on some light jazz. We basically left the music on till the morning.  Taipei has some great radio stations.

We visited Bangs and Olufsen Kuala Lumpur, which I think the experience could have been better, but the guy who sold the speaker brought much shame to Bangs and Olufsen, product knowledge and price conscious.  Emphasising (repeatedly) that their products are premium and expensive, so be careful with not touching anything.  A complaint was lodged with Bangs and Olufsen, and apology was delivered.  We bought S3 and later bought another one to place in the office.  The sound has been great, the clarity as well the sound projection.

When we heard about HomePod, and hearing the user experience in a recent work meeting, I decided to get it.

I guess due to the less enthusiastic sales of HomePod, I did not need to wait very long to have it shipped to Puchong.

HomePod comes in Space Grey and White.  Since we have most of the speakers in White, we go with the same scheme of thing.

It is kind of heavy, about 2.5kg.

Taken from https://www.apple.com/homepod/specs/

The audio source.

Taken from https://www.apple.com/homepod/specs/

The music source is rather limited to Apple ecosystem only.  I have recently dropped Spotify.  And moved the whole family into Apple Music.  So far, we like it, no complaint, except one thing, wish the Apple Music would be smart enough to curate the similar music, and continues to play.

I listen to podcast on regular basis, mainly for work and self-learning.

Beats radio, not my kind of thing, maybe I will give it a try again.  I generally do not like Beats products, neither is the music.

The setup is easy.

Just bring the iPhone next to it, the screen will pop with the HomePod setup.  Mainly to ask for the permission to transfer the settings such as WiFi, Apple Music etc to the HomePod.

In terms of music selection, the command to Siri to play them is still kind of challenging, like hit and miss.  Siri will occasionally play dumb.  It does not answer questions well.

The sound quality, amazing.