It’s good to be still alive

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Last Friday, I accidentally dropped a metal furniture on my right toe.

The pain was severe, I sought medical help, treated with some pain killer.  I went home and then to work without able to control the pain, was really bad.

Fast forward to 6 days later, I could feel slight pain, but I think the toe is slowly recovering.  I missed my routine exercise, but what the heck, I could still do exercise that does not require my toe to be involved.

On the toe accident, I just want to reflect a moment in my life how I could possibly loose my life, just like how a metal furniture dropped on my toe, a metal furniture dropped on me.  I know I am big, but anything could kill anyone, in regardless of size or shape.

I just thought, I could have been death, in many instances in my life.  I went for roller coster in Genting few years back to accompany our twins, since we do not want to leave them unaccompanied, the seat belt came off, and I was trying my very best to hold on to the car without falling out.

Every time I am taking a flight for work or holiday, I always think about life reflection, what I have done right and wrong.

Also every time before I travel away for some days, I would clean up the work place, do the laundry at home for me and everyone else, ironed all my clothes etc.  Just in case if I am gone, at least not much mess for the others to clean up after I am gone.

I live my life pretty much independently since my father passed on.  I learn that it is crucial not to trouble others, maybe I am kind of like Japanese, since I have always been mistaken as Japanese.

Do you think likewise?