Blending Health, Convenience, Possible?

I once went on a trip of fasting, after I learn from a Finnish expert of health, he came in Malaysia many years back.  I attended his session (FOC), which he shared on the idea of fasting, without food for days, just plain water.  I tried, it seems to work.  I forgot his name by now, I was 14 that time.

However, the fast I did recently (some years back) was the pray for the nation, I did the half and full day fast, and praying for the nation.

As the Ramadan is drawing closer, which is about sometime next month, we will be seeing many Muslim around the world as well as my colleagues at work and my friends would be doing the fasting.

I always attend the Buka Puasa session for work.  It makes me wonder how could we actually consume so much food.  Well, food outlet needs some sort of business to sustain.  So as consumer, eat moderately, I would suggest.

So the good people at Ayam Brand has this nice piece of news to share with everyone.

How the convenience could meet health.  Sound magical?

Read the release for details, you will be amazed 🙂


Celebrate Ramadan and Raya this year with Ayam Brand™, a brand famed for its wide range of healthy and convenient, preservative-free products, that provide a healthier choice daily meals and festive fare alike.

With the sahur and iftar meals more than 12 hours apart, meals rich in fish, fibre, beneficial fats and with a lower glycemic index (GI) can make a huge difference.

Malaysians love their fish and in fact, the annual per capita fish consumption by Malaysians is the second highest among Asian nations, and is the fifth highest in the  world[1].

Coconut is another quintessential part of South East Asian cuisine. Coconut milk is used extensively in savoury and sweet dishes, while coconut oil is used for cooking and cosmetic purposes.

Findings from the Department of Statistics Malaysia for 2016 support show that coconut recorded the highest per capita consumption (PCC) of 17 kilogrammes per year while the PCC of 7.2 kilograms for mackerel and PCC of 2.4 kilogrammes for tuna PCC[2] are both high.

Traditionally, coconut products like coconut milk and oil, and fish like mackerel and tuna require more time to prepare. Fish needs to be cleaned and deboned manually while coconut milk needs to be squeezed. Producing virgin coconut oil at home from coconut milk can take a minimum of 3 hours[3]! Many Malaysians don’t have the time and the culinary skills to do these tasks from scratch.

Renowned anti-aging expert, Professor Dr. Takuji Shirasawa, has studied the benefits of coconut milk, coconut oil and fish extensively, and recommends it for its high content of lauric acid and MCT, and Omega-3 respectively which is beneficial for brain health and cardiovascular health. Dr. Shirasawa is the author of numerous books on anti-aging, including ‘Food For the Brain’, with recipes tailored to fit Asian readers’ culinary practices. He is also the brand ambassador Ayam brand coconut products.

The brand understands the need for every family to have quick, healthy, tasty and convenient food that is affordable during Ramadan, especially for sahur.  Show stopping dishes for Hari Raya are also a must but with the twist of being healthy and tasty. Adding a modern, time-saving twist to traditional favourites, Ayam Brand™ has prepared a series of 10 recipes for both Ramadan and Raya.

Quick, Easy and Tasty Ayam Brand™ Recipes for The Fasting Month

A warm bowl of Kelantan-style Bubur Kacang with Corn will give you that extra boost of energy as coconut milk is mainly made up of lauric acid and medium chain fatty acid (MCT) which makes it easier for our body to metabolize[4]. Sambal Petai with Mackereleaten with hot steamed rice is a traditional favorite that will fill you up with the added benefits of DHA and EPA from the cold sea Mackerel which can help to improve cardiovascular functions[5]. Try the gently spiced Thai Fish Cake for its high protein content that can provide sustained energy throughout the day.

Break fast with the sweet and rich Seri Muka as the coconut milk used in this recipe will be broken down by our body into monolaurin that has antiviral and antibacterial properties[6].Take it up a notch with the Chicken Pesto Pasta that is easy to make and filling as well. Serve it with Thai Basil Sardines for a kick of spiciness. 

Show off your culinary skills this Hari Raya with the aromatic, Kelantanese favorite of Ayam Percik and complement it with the classic local delicacy, Sardine Assam Laksa. The sardines used for the assam laksa is an excellent source of Omega-3 that our body needs to promote brain growth as well as reducing risk factors for heart diseases. Serve your guests with the traditional Kuih Cara and end your Raya spread on a high note with sweet Coconut Panacotta topped with any fruits of your likings.

The complete range of Ayam Brand™ healthy and convenient products are available at retail outlets nationwide. For more creative and fun Raya recipes, please visit us at