Easy, Take It Easy

He was waiting for his friend for the catch of the day, and offered me a piece of the Goreng Pisang.

I spent the Easter Sunday with the twins in Port Dickson, witnessing some breathtaking sunset in the evening before I began my journey back to the sub-urban, urban life.

Since I have purchased the Leica, I love to start walking in the areas I will be at.  I spent time in Hong Kong streets, Bali tourists as well as non-tourist spots, the beautiful Rome streets, and breathtaking Vatican City, Sydney and the Blue Mountain, Jakarta streets, and Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka streets, shrines, temples, people on the streets, and I guess the journey to photograph the great things will continue. 

I especially love taking pictures in places like Kampar, Slim River, Themor, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu as well as Bandar Seri Bagawan.  These places remind of how multicultural live together in a country.  I especially like to walk about Pudu, KL City Centre and just photograph the streets and people.  I have learn so much about photographing the street, and of course the learning is on-going, no one can claim have so much or learn it all.

I have done many trips to Port Dickson.  I have never cease to amaze myself with how much things I have yet to see and photograph about Port Dickson.  So I will continue to do so.

I really enjoy photographing Puchong, the streets, people.  From time to time, I will taking the Leica along with me to walk about the neighbourhood, places of interest like temples, places of worship.  I will continue to do so.  Puchong has its charm.