Innovate, or Die

e-Wallet app for Pasar Malam shoppers

Seldom visit a Pasar Malam (Night Market), but I did last night when I took a short break from the usual hustles.  Mainly I thought I would find dinner here, anyway, I ended walking about instead of eating here.  Mainly, hygiene.  Just recovered from a bad stomach situation few days ago.  

Taman OUG night market has been around as long as the community has.  The roads are generally narrower and packed with people.  Traffic is always challenge.  Parking is limited, so have to be willing to walk, which I think is a good exercise for the evening.

Banks set up shops in night market

I started from the part which sells food, beverage, and lots of electronic devices.  No, no one sells mobile phones, but the accessories to accompany the devices – screen protectors, case and many others.

Property companies with their stalls

It was a pleasant walk about, kind of safe, provided one does not demonstrate wealth nor careless.

Just watch out on the main road, like Jalan Hujan Emas, lots of cars still passing by.  Some parts kind of narrow, where drivers are seriously tested with the driving skills.

I noticed how night market stalls have evolved from basic needs such as food to things we normally do not see in platform like this.

Sales promoter pushing a quick heat mask, which serves an agent to protect the pots from getting burnt

Property promotions, e-wallet as well as banking services, are now part of the night market setup.  They setup shops at platform like this, as it is a crowded area.

Beverage such as Milo also setup shop here.

Many stalls now transformed into selling food from Korea and Thailand, as there are more Malaysians visiting these countries on regular basis.  While the Korean cuisine in night market may be cheaper than having it in a proper outlet, but I suppose the taste is comparable to the restaurant setup.  Maybe.

Property companies in the night market

I enjoyed seeing the salesperson promoting the products in the night market.  It takes so much for the person to push a product which no one has heard of, and believe in whatever he or she is promoting.

e-Wallet app company pushing their services by having the patrons to start signing up.

Banks sales team stationed to push their products too, as the consumers are now spoilt for choices.

Property companies also pushing their products through night market, I doubt many would stop to listen to the promotions, but merely for the companies to collect the database for later follow up.