I am sucker for Bellroy

CARRY OUT wallet I got in November 2017

I bought in total 6 Bellroy wallets, with 1 as a birthday gift to our brother.  I am not fancy user of wallet.  I have been long time using TUMI leather wallet, which I bought when I was in Japan for the first time.  It lasted for many years.  Prior to that, I have been using wallets from Marks & Spencer.  I discovered Bellroy by chance, through online ads.

I bought the Hide and Seek, which I still have the wallet until today.  Then I picked up cycling, I opted for something could keep my phone as well as function as a wallet.

Later, I found that I wanted something which I could keep a pen with my passport, which is good for my travel.  

So much later, to last year, I thought why not combine everything into 1 wallet, I could keep my phone safely, passport (only when I am traveling), a pen (I do not like to use someone else pen to write nor to sign something) and cards, SIM, pin to eject the SIM card holder, of course money.  Also ideally I could store some sticky notes inside, for me to leave nasty messages.

I like the Carry Out, which also comes with a note wallet, for me to store some smaller notes.  Instead of taking out the whole wallet to make payment, I just need the carry out wallet.

So, the wallet is very functional.

How badly constructed the Bellroy wallet

I have TUMI bags and a Mont Blanc bag, which I bought during my traveling (yes, abroad offers better deals), they are long lasting, as well as made with fine and high quality leather.  I have them for like 3-4 years.  BTW, I have a Crumpler, which the zipper keeps failing, I have stop using it after I have replaced the zipper for third time.

Which, I expect the same quality from Bellroy.

Any time this is going to break

However, Bellroy fails in the quality department.  While it gives the 3 years warranty, the wallet I have used (should I use it daily), I doubt it would last a year, probably for Carry Out, less than 5 months.  Just like the name, I seldom keep Carry out in my pocket, as it is long.  So I carry it, or simply keep it in my bag.  Including my iPhone X, I could store it nicely inside the wallet.  I could check and take calls from Apple Watch.

I found a slim LAMY pen in Ginza, as I thought would be great to keep the wallet thin.

So, I discovered the zipper (made by YKK, maybe the leather upholstery is not) compromised too easily.

I wonder if Bellroy team has done enough testing on the wallet.  After some pulling, it gives way.  So I was told by Bellroy, that is normal wear and tear.  I do not think so.

Like the TUMI bags I have, I zip and unzip daily, probably there were times I even held the bag from the zipper, when I was commuting on the public transport or in the aero train or any crowded places.  None of the TUMI bags have given way.  The only thing happened to one of TUMI bag, someone on the flight back from Kota Kinabalu decided to poke a hold (yes, mother fucker on the AirAsia flight) on top of my bag.  I took it to TUMI, they told me nothing can be done.

I could live with that.

Poor quality product

So I took the pictures and emailed to Bellroy.  The standard reply, wear and tear.

Please pack the wallet, and send it back to us, then we will send you a replacement, of course the sending in of the wallet is at my cost, not Bellroy.

After some days of me sending in the wallet via POS Malaysia international mail with tracking number, Bellroy sent me the replacement.

Excited to receive it.  Then noticed the Bellroy team sent me the wrong colour.

Contacted Bellroy team, I was told to mail the wallet back again, this time, use the regular mail.

So went to POS Malaysia to send that.

As you can see Bellroy team is highly incapable in fulfilling the promise of making great products, more so great customer service.

So, get your shit together Bellroy, and fuck you.