Ass-es, every where.

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Last week when I was driving around for the errands in Puchong, I encountered at least twice in a day with some mad drivers on the road.  Many of them unable to keep to their respective lane while driving, and do you know why?

I think if the drivers were sleepy, it is understood, as the life is hard.  So you may get tired.

Well, the drivers were on the phone, either talking without the handsfree, or simply manoeuvre the online maps for direction, or worst of all, replying text messages.

So an auntie driver let her car came close, really close to our DS5, and almost hit the car, because she was replying a message.  I already knew the drill when someone like that (a real mother fucker) who hit our car.

“Sorry la, I did not see you.”

“Aiyoh, I got no money to pay for your Citroen la.”

“Wah, Citroen sure really expensive to repair!”

“I have no money.”

“I am new to this area, I am loss.”

“Please la, do not make a police report, I will pay you back,” (never trust driver of such)

“Please la, I am in hurry to fetch my mother/father/children.”

“I am hurrying to hospital.”

“I am so sorry la, can I go now?”

I once encountered the following:-

A nasi lemak seller in Bandar Puteri after I came out from a bank, literally like less than 2 minutes.  Her WAJA hit our back of Citroen Grand C4.  She went on to explain to me, “Bisnes tak bagus la, says tak deh wang nak bayar.”  I could see a a stack of RM100 notes in her purse when she searching for RM10 to repay me, which I told her, let’s head to police station and get your insurance to repay the repairs.  She told me, no insurance.  “Mana ada duit nak bayar insuran boss?”

I was driving on KESAS Highway, coming back from Sri Petaling, and using the slow lane at about 0630.  A Iswara came from the back, hit our DS5 from the back, all the way to the side and then front.  When that happened, I could see the driver hands off the car sterling, and texting someone.  We stopped and he took a while to leave the car, as he was still on the WhatsApp.  Yep, what the fuck.

He handed me some money and his MyKad for me to make police report, which I did after, and that was all the money to repair the DS5, he did not file the accident, caused by him.  He also false his car registration which I found out through JPJ car registration search, his car number was a large truck, which apparently had not been paying the loans as well as the insurance.  So my guess, the Iswara was also not paid.  He later transferred more money into my account, and left me a WhatsApp voice message, “I hutang Ah Long Mr. Tan, now I think I need to kill myself.”  I checked news for the next few days, I did not see news of someone fitting this guy who may had killed himself.

So that was about my driving in Puchong and around.