Welcome to Puchong, 2.0

I started Welcome To Puchong Facebook page a few years ago, when I was doing it with a few others.  It did not last.  Mainly, I was generating and developing the content, as well as promoting the page, alone.

Just kind of like another tech enthusiast group I started with others, after a while, it was me running it alone, with the help of Retna, as well as our twins.

As you are probably figuring things out now, I prefer a family run kind of startup.  Maybe it is about commitment from others, which I think could have taken a toll on some.

So I went quiet for a while, and I decided to start Welcome to Puchong, only this time, only me and Retna.  The focus, simply Puchong as a great community.

It started about few weeks ago.  We are slowly promoting the page to many people we met in Puchong.  Including the food hawkers, restaurant owners etc.  I shared the pictures taken by me of their food, outlets etc on the page.

I have some other plans to share about the page, which would be about to come, later.

Join us, by clicking it here.