Getting to know the candidates for whom I will be voting this Wednesday

To tell you the truth, I do not know them that well, at all.  So I dug out something or whatever I could find about them online.

Let’s jump right in for the Member of Parliament (MP).

Toh Sin Wah – Actually nothing much to know about him.  Found his LinkedIn, but nothing there, found many of his YouTube videos, which sadly, lacking in messages to tell who he is, what he has been doing, why he is going for GE14 as an independent candidate.  He is a CEO of a company known as Network Press, a printing company.  He participated in the GE13, which came in last in terms of vote count, 0.4%.  He would have forfeited the RM10,000 deposit.

Wong Chen – Subang Jaya MP, which he won the the seat in GE13.  A lawyer by profession, which he served in Kota Bahru, not sure why of all places he served there instead of in KL.  Let’s not talk about the publicity, as the MP would generally gathered quite a bit, unless the MP was sleeping on his or her job.

IR Tan Seong Lim – Tan is new, even though he has been with the party since 1992.  I have never heard of him, nor he is active on social media.  Read his official page on FB, whoever updated the page, kind of lazy in checking the spelling.  If the person failed in spell check, I am not sure if the person could pay attention nor do anything right.

Shahir Adnan – A new candidate of IKATAN, now contesting under PAS.  I don’t even know how old he is, information about him, no where to be found.  His official FB page is just telling people to vote for him.  How he expect anyone to do that, if no one knows who he is.  Thanks to the FB live which I think his team published it last night.  Kind of bad PR.  He, together with 3 other people sitting on the head table in a Mamak restaurant, waiting for people to ask questions.  And, no one cares.  One of his companion was seen ordering and getting his tea.  That was how boring the session was, I guess.

State Assemblyman (ADUN – Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri), 3 candidates.

Ng Sze Han – councilman for 3 years and also Theresa Kok’s assistant when she was the ADUN, no stranger to the folks in Kinrara constituency.  I have messaged him a couple of times for issues related to road conditions, pot holes, water issues etc, he did not reply any of the messages I have sent, neither the issues were resolved.  I ended up contacted MPSJ or relevant departments to resolve such issues.  We were friends on FB, now we are not.  Why have a friend who is not really communicating on FB, right?  By the way, he has a set of twins.  I guess he focused too many things, and I wonder many things actually beneficial to Kinrara.

Lawrence Chiew – A born again Christian, 49, a travel agency owner, who I saw some FB posting of accusing him entering into school for campaigning.  He seems to be a close friend of Dr. Mickey, whom I keep a distance from.  Google or search my blog for the Chinese school which I blogged about many years ago, you would know why I would never get anywhere close to this person.  While he is a brother in Christ, I pray that may God will be done, not his.

Dato’ Jonathan Lim – Just like Shahir Adnan, I could not find much information about him, especially his age.  I guess he must be very young.  With his first job started in 2006.  He seems to be in many things, but I really not too sure what he is in, except an interior design company, which he started with another Dato’.  He produced videos to talk about many things, mostly viral driven.  Also he was hiring interns in January, probably to prepare for the GE14 nomination.  Just like many ‘young’ and ‘rich’ entrepreneurs, sport cars are among his favourite.

On Wednesday, folks here will be deciding who they would vote to be the MP and ADUN for the next five years.  I am sure I will.

Few advices to the candidates.

(1) Write yourself a Wiki page, for God sake.  Only Wong Chen has a Wiki page, the rest none.  How the heck do you expect voters to know about you?  Or maintain an ‘active’ social media page.

(2) Showing wealth, has up and down sides of things.  Perhaps more towards the down side if candidates want to appeal to the middle class voters, which I believe there are many in this constituency.

(3) Walkabout, is no big deal.  I walk about Puchong areas most weeks, for street photography as well as to eat.  It is a casual thing most people do, daily.  To see once and vote for you, one must be nut to do that, so do the real works.

(4) Think of your campaign, contents, and key messages carefully.  Relate them to the people, the voters.  Telling me change of government, honestly, you need to tell me, why the government must change.  For example, I am happy with MPSJ (for now), especially after it has moved the dog licence application and approval online.  But I now hate it so much that I could never retrieve my account because the system is unable to retrieve my login, called and was told IT will fix it.  Well, that was end of 2016.  So back to drawing board to submit dog licence at the MPSJ office.  So should I change the current administration?  I think I would want the MPSJ team change, but it is not according to GE14, because MPSJ is by appointment.  Honestly I do not need an ADUN to fix my online dog licence application no?  I could do it myself.

Draft your messages, work with experts, who could help to position and create perception about you well.  Put effort to train, train for better.

(5) ‘Active’ social media, does not mean posting videos, FB live of yourself, doing something, without telling us what these are for.  This constituency consists of the new ‘rich’, which refers to whose making it without the help of the ‘old’ money, inheritance from the parents or families.  They would have already formed their own opinions about the candidates, without being told.

(6) Pictures, pictures, please take better pictures.  What a pain to see some of them.  I saw many pictures of candidates speaking with someone high up the party giving a face palm.  I mean, photography editor would never accept such picture unless they want to portray something else.  Learn from YouTube how to take pictures, I mean simple pictures using the smartphones.  Come on, most are using smartphones with really good cameras, so use them.