Getting to know the candidates, part II #GE14


I added the column on messages, which I could find from the candidates or through the interviews they have given to the media.

For some, I still could not get much, but roughly, I get to know more about the candidates.

Toh Sin Wah – A rather long and kind of confusing messages or tagline from Mr. Toh.  Malaysians must repent, rethink, refresh and reform to truly achieve 1Malaysia.  I am no expert in politic, 1Malaysia is a generic term used by prime minister and his cabinet, no?  We have drafted speeches for the ministers, with Salam 1Malaysia.  Ok, maybe Mr. Toh thinks we are not really there as 1Malaysia (BTW, it is ongoing programme designed by Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak on 16 September 2010, calling for the cabinet, government agencies, and civil servants to more strongly emphasise ethnic harmony, national unity, and efficient governance.) Repent (feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one’s wrongdoing or sin), wow, big word.  I generally hear repent during sermon time.

Wong Chen – Maybe I am loss here, I could not find his manifesto, or it is just Pakatan Harapan manifesto as one, instead of the individual candidate has his or her own.

IR Tan Seong Lim – Better Selangor, his chief spoke about security, traffic and flood in the area, I guess Mr. Yap means Puchong in particular.  Better Selangor is good, but kind of too broad.  Because someone could come out with The Best Selangor.

Shahir Adnanhonesty, sincerity, trust, I guess that seems to be his tagline for this election.  He has invited the voters to ‘test power’, with 5 years warranty for the tagline.  He also mentioned the only candidate to talk about education supplement with #klinikpro.  Checked #klinikpro, got these.

Seems to be Russian


Can’t see the education supplement, some nice candies

Ng Sze Han – Kinrara has Sze Han, Putrajaya has hope.  If you watch Matrix, then Sze Han gotta be Neo.

Lawrence Chiew – “serving Kinrara with love and care.  10 years still unsolved, let me solve for you, vote for me”.  Mr. Chiew can list down what is unsolved over 10 years?  Traffic, security, parking, Chinese schools etc?

Dato’ Jonathan Lim –  representing Chinese and young people in Kinrara.