We were waiting outside the school for about 1km.

The people has spoken, chosen the new administrator for the nation, on the historic May 9, 2018 general election of Malaysia.  The result was announced from May 9 till May 10.  Most Malaysian would have stayed close to the telly from May 9 to 10.  Me and Retna included.  The Singaporean media like Channel News Asia was producing some serious good quality news reporting.

After some wait, we were approaching the entrance to the polling station.

Then the whole Malaysian waited for the new administration, swearing in of the new prime minister.  We watched that with major anticipation, as the time kept delaying, of course finally the whole process was done, more announcements from the new prime minister.

Massive crowd at the polling station

#GE14 let everyone see the way how the general public gets their first hand of news, no longer just the conventional media, but the people on the ground, especially those at the scenes.  Of course, I also received so many WhatsApp messages which many chose to simply, “play forward” or “main forward”.  Often most did not check on the genuine level of the news, they were merely spreading rumours.

The queue line was just so long, but everyone waiting patiently

An amazing moment to remember for everyone, in Malaysia.

Standing in line for the lane #4, hot sun, massive crowd