Education through Shopping, Possible?

Inez, at KL

Tuesday was a public holiday, and after Retna and I spent so much time at work, I decided to spend some time with daughter, thinking what we could do together.  Retna was down with really bad cough, so she skipped.

So Inez started by asking, “Dad, why some leather products are so expensive?”

“Dad, what is a real leather bag?”

So, we went to KL to learn about what she asked.  Ok, for the record, we did not spend the whole day out and about, hanging out, we were in town for a few hours, since the morning traffic was kind of forgiving.

I took her into Louis Vuitton at Starhill, as we were having brunch nearby.  The first thing she was impressed about the LV boutique, was the welcoming feel of the team at the boutique.

“Hi miss, welcome to Louis Vuitton!  How can we help you?” a female retail advisor spoken to Inez.

“We just came in here to have a look, for my daughter, she has never been here before,” I said.

Actually that was also my first time walking into Louis Vuitton Starhill, I have only been to LV outlet at Gardens, and LV at Ginza, Tokyo as well as Nagoya.  Maybe passed by the LV boutique at Madrid and Rome, but did not go in.

A male advisor then took her (and me) for a tour of LV bags, giving her a tour of what kind of collection the brand offers.

Inez was specially interested with the LV shoes, since there was a shoe making video showing how the shoes are made from the beginning till the end.

She also checked with him whether 2 bags she saw are made of snake skin, he said, “Yes,”

Inez also whispered to me, “Dad, wow, the place serves drinks to the customers, so nice.”

“Dad, the decor inside the place, looks like a palace, so beautiful,”

“You know because LV is sold at premium prices, the boutique needs to convince the customers, it is not the same type of leather goods or products they are buying here, as compares to buying a bag from Tumi, or AEON or Robinson.  For the customers to feel premium, the whole experience needs to be premium as well,”

While driving home, we spoke in the car, and could summarise this trip as below:-

  • Leather goods are generally made from calfskin or calf leather
  • The premium to the leather goods, due to the animal (yes cruelty)
  • Presentation is important to impress the buyers
  • Meet and greet make so much difference for some
  • Never too shy to ask, if you are not sure
  • Speak politely to any sales advisors, they would be glad to assist
  • Don’t be a spoilt brat, study hard, study smart, rewards ahead of you

Ok, probably the last point sums up the whole trip, what it is about ha ha ha.