I promise you… for all my life.
I’ll be always by your side,
In the shadow, in the light.

I’ll follow you… wherever life goes.
But I’ll always be aside,
In the shadow, in the light.

In The Shadows, In The Lights by Enigma

Last few pictures I have taken while at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College during the Kaspersky Lab’s Malaysian Book of Records event held on Tuesday, were simply stunning with the sun ray shining of the students waiting for the transit bus.

I missed the life as students, I remember the time I spent waiting in line for buses, or simply walked from places to places, so that I could save some money.

Used the Leica to take a black and white of the students waiting in line and waiting for their friends to join them.


The sun ray creates a wonderful contrast with the students, more so, I noticed shades like sunglasses not too common among the students, maybe it is subjective.