Life on the hills

The driving uphill and then the next day to drive downhill, was something, I dislike, but since we are in the mode of traveling, we will go with the itinerary agreed with the traveling company, which thought it is best we allowed them to time us, instead of we go with our flow.

Tea plucking in progress, lady walking to the tea plantation site
Tuk-Tuk driver, disturbing us, when he saw me photographing everyone
Walking uphill and downhill, seems like a norm here
Teacher or government official, doing some research or survey in the area
Walking to work
The ladies will cover something like 25kg of tea leaves daily to make the minimum quota

While coming down the hill from Madukelle Eco & Lodge, I took the opportunity to photograph the people I could see.  I did not take many pictures, as the car was moving fast, so in between, when the car slowed down, I will take the pictures.

Majority of the people I have photographed, knew that I was photographing them.  So they are cool about it.  In fact, many of them smile for me.