If God Is Here, He Moves Time Slowly

Retna and I enjoyed sitting at the lounge, chilling, and doing some works before we embarked on our journey

Our initial plans as shared with some friends, was to head to Oman for our vacation.  To cut the long story short, we decided to head to Colombo, Sri Lanka.

After we got our flights sorted, we were looking for places to stay, for our first trip to Sri Lanka.

Searched on online places, review site, we decided on UGA Residences, located at Park Street, Colombo 2.

According to its website.

Built in the 19th century by a wealthy barrister, Sheikh Salehboy Moosajee, the halls and ballrooms of this grand Victorian townhouse once welcomed British governors, Indian maharajas, European nobility and the cream of colonial Ceylon society.

It was formerly known as Parkland Hotel, before the current owner took over the place in 2015.  For over 2+ years, the hotel has been pushing forward to gain more trust from the guests.  Which, I think the hotel has done successfully.

Entrance to UGA Residence
The lounge area for the guests
Pool for the 10 rooms plus 1 suite guests to enjoy.
Frangipani in sight

We arrived really late, passed 1am, the reception team waited for us and ushered us into the suite, and told us to do the check in the morning.  “No worry about it, we got your details, we will do the formality in the morning,” he said.

The suite is about 800+ square feet, with everything large in space, the bath room, the living area and the bed.  The only one thing is small, is the courtyard garden, which I think we may have got the smallest.  I could see from the website pictures, some suites have large courtyard, which could sit outside for tea.

The breakfast for guests are basically order whatever you want on the menu.  So, I decided to order what I really wanted for breakfast instead of over doing it.

Service at the hotel and RARE (the restaurant) are superb, as the team really cares for the guests in many levels, including the food taste, comfort of the stay as well as hydration.  They really passed us a lot of drinking water in bottles.

The swimming pool is small, but only to cater to 10 suite guests and 1 large suite guests only.  So we kind of swimming in the pool mostly by ourselves.  Also the pool is a great place to read, I enjoy the library selection that the hotel offers (yes, it has a small library).

We spent a week here and will definitely recommend the place to our friends, should they are thinking of visiting Colombo.

Living area (Sorry for messy bathroom)
The bed area of the room

Some down sides of the place.

Mosquitoes, really a lot of them.  We did not open the door to the tiny court yard, as that would allow the free flow of mosquitoes into the room, and really hard to get rid of them.

Bath room, while it is large, there is lack of practicality of it.  For example, the bath area has no where to put the shower gel, shampoo etc without adding like 5 to 6 steps.  You practically need to walk to and back while showering.  We highlighted to the hotel, they placed a wooden chair inside the bath room, which I told them to remove it after.

Just too many doors to open to go from one place to another.  For example, from our room to the lounge, to the exit, we have to open 2 to 3 glass doors.