Lukut before PD

The roast pork is tender, with good temperature control, worth the try.

With the many things twins have to bring back to school, I offered them a ride back to their hostel on Sunday evening.

We stopped by 1 place recommended by the school’s principal for quick bite.

Over the school holiday, the very nice principal recommended few food places in Lukut and Port Dickson, I have passed by some of them, never knowing that the hidden germs these places are (ha ha).

People waiting in the line, patiently as well as those without any patient.
Loh Mei Kai, good, but I have tasted the better one.
Big Pao, in Lukuk.
Famous Ah Boy Siew Yuk (Roast Pork) in Lukut, only available on Tuesday, Friday and Sunday, from 3pm till finishes.

So, we were at Ah Boy Siew Yok (roast pork), which was just opened when we got there.  I could see some parents and students from twins school already there (how fast!).

Waited in line patiently to order the roast pork from Ah Boy, asked for the ribs, since we love that part.  Granted.

The stall also serves dim sum (simple ones) and we had that too.  If you are here, try the big pao, it is good.  The rest, subject to what you like.

I wanted to get some buns from 中记 (Zhong Kee or Middle Trade), one of the elderly uncle threw a piece of card board paper onto my beloved DS5, without offering any apology.  I am seriously not sure what was his problem.  Well, not middle trade for me.

Went to the beach with the twins, enjoying the sea breeze, before heading to school and work.

We went to beach for some sea breeze, walk about.

Then, I asked the twins, where is nice place for some cold dessert?

They told me, “Dad, let us take you there,”

So we went to Bandar Port Dickson Food Court, which could be hard to find.  It is just next to the Fire Station (Bomba).  Should you need the landmark.

The mango dessert was highly recommended by the twins, I had it, was ok, informed the owner that too much ice and should increase the mango or pineapple juice (I confused a bit as I tasted pineapple, but the stall kid told me it’s mango).  For hot weather, it is nice.  But I have tasted better one in PJ Old Town.

We ordered Mee Goreng Mamak from nearby stall for sharing.  Guess what, it was a hit.  Really tasty.  I later ordered some take away for me to bring back home for dinner, supper.

Mee Goreng Mamak, strongly recommended, at Port Dickson Food Court.
The mango dessert, twins took me here to try it.
The making of mango dessert. Tasted ok, or rather could have been better, but overall acceptable.

I drove back using the Sepang and reached home after 1.5 hours of driving.  The drive is always a pleasure when I am with DS5 (nope, neither Citroen or now DS nor NAZA Euro pays me to say this).

A great Sunday evening to spend with twins.