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The mixed soup, with sliced pork and yong tao fu

Dirty Mee, a famous eatery in Lukut, before I continue, you are wondering the name.

“Dirty?” you would ask.

“Yes.  Nothing to do with the cleanliness of the place nor the food.” I would reply.

Dirty Mee 拉渣面 was originally a stall setup next to a garbage dump.  The noodle was so famous, hand made, something like wan tan noodle, but not the same.    拉渣 means dirty.  Because the stall was next to the garbage, so it is called that, as easy to remember.

Could be mistaken as Pan Mee, again no.

The look, not the best.

However, the texture is more like wan tan noodle, I would say.

We have been here before.  The mixed soup was really good when we came a few months back.

So, we went back for some again today, reaching there about 1030, worrying the crowd might finish the noodle, kiasu.

Ordered the noodle and also the mixed soup.

The noodle can be cooked in 4 ways – plain soup, mixed thick soya sauce, wet cantonese style (loh-mee), and fried.  To be honest, only the mixed thick soya sauce is nice.  The rest, not so great.

The mixed soup, consists of the sliced pork, vegetable of the day (as it varies), yong-tao-fu (not sure if the owner makes them any more).  Few months ago we had really tasty fried bean curd, however, today’s bean curd tasted totally different.  More towards not nice.  The cutting also varies.

Loh Mee

The soup base seems to have changed today too.  No longer with nicer broth, but tasted more like plain water.  Sorry, kind of sad.

We came with joy, returned with some disappointment.