We joined #joywithsharoncalli

Retna is talented in copperplate calligraphy

We love writing.

Maybe not in the calligraphy style.

We just love to write.

When I decided to get the iPad Pro 2 years back, I was contemplating whether I should add Apple Pencil, anyway, I did.

Nice calligraphy from Retna

So I used the Apple Pencil to take notes during the meetings with clients, as well as learning.

Talking about learning, yes, Retna and I will register for things to learn.

Today, we did some learning on copperplate calligraphy, organised by CzipLee, taught by @joychong and @ronnycakes.

The lesson started quite on time, where the reminder email informed the participants to turn up by 1000, and guess what, we started before 1030 (the lesson started at 1030), bravo to all.

About the lesson.

With the age of technology, we find ourselves typing more often than we write. Birthday cards, framed prints, invitations – the possibilities are endless for us to apply a personal touch with beautiful handwriting!

Join Sharon & Joy for a fun and interactive session in The Basics of Copperplate Calligraphy class! This class is suitable for beginners wanting to try their hand at calligraphy for the first time.

You will be guided through the steps of preparing the various tools used to write copperplate script, learn the drills and exercises to train muscle memory, as well as the basic strokes to write lower case and upper case letters. You will also be guided through how various letters join together to create beautifully handwritten words and sentences. Have questions about copperplate calligraphy? We’re here to answer anything you want to know about this beautiful and historical art form.

For the above reason, to be honest, we actually write all the cards we pass to our clients, friends, families.  Recently we passed some greeting messages to the twins school’ teachers, we wrote them.  Retna wrote the English and I did the Chinese.  I think the hand written messages, just so personal.

Learning the alphabet
From holding of the calligraphy pen to then writing them, progressively learning

Also for the wedding gift we passed, and pows we handed to our team etc, we also write them.

However, sometimes I wonder whether people remember nor recognise what we have written.  The thoughts that count 🙂

It was a 3.5 hours session with Joy & Sharon.  They both are serious about copperplate calligraphy.  They corrected our sitting posture, ways how we held the pens, nib positions, the strokes etc.  They seriously were involved in the lesson.

We learned about the strokes, alphabets, small and capital, and then of course the words.

Some alphabets are kind of challenging, the small ‘R’ and ‘S’.  The ‘twisting’ of the strokes could ruin the alphabets.   So more practice required.

I did not ask Joy and Sharon how long they learn to be able to write professional.  I mean they do this for living, writings calligraphy for wedding cards, birthday cards etc.

So how we got interested about copperplate calligraphy.  Joy did ask me.

Bought a workbook to try out my copperplate calligraphy

“I follow my wife,” I answered the most generic way of a Chinese husband.  Actually we were fascinated with the calligraphy and fonts when an artist wrote Retna’s name on a notepad some months back.  We thought, “Hey, we should try this,”

And we did today.

Overall the lesson is great.  Only that we were rushing a bit to end.  I would suggest can consider to have the lesson a bit longer, so we could cover the words writing a bit more.  Or could break the session into 2 parts.  Maybe.

Oh, for the participants of the lesson at CzipLee, you get the 10% of whatever you are buying on that day.  I stopped myself from more Moleskine, I really tried.  Still have the ones I bought from Rome, and CzipLee still unused, LOL.