Just to talk about barbers, barbershops


I visited about 10 barbershops in Klang Valley, Kuching as well as Kota Kinabalu.

I did not photograph any of them, mainly I was having my hair cut, or had my face hair trimmed.

Also, I prefer to photograph older barbers, and barbershops.  Just my preference.

I have a fixed hairstylist I like to go to for now, and I photographed some barbers and barbershops when our twins were going for their hair cut.  They used to like the older barber, but now their taste in style has changed.

While visiting the barbershops, I noticed some distinction which would determined if the barber would be able to make it big or at least stay in business.

Most of those that our twins have visited, I really doubt how long they would be in business.  Simply, they are unable to fix appointment, neither they care about fixing an appointment.  Besides, most barbers at these barbershops work on contract, and commissions.  For such long labour hours and standing almost the whole day, the pay is rather low for the barbers.  IMHO.

I think good barbers should be rewarded, reasonably.

However, some barbers just do not understand the meaning of good service.

They do not clean the scissors and combs prior to using them on the next customers.  I wonder how much germs or bacteria in these scissors and combs.

Also, generally the barbers do not wash the clients’ hair.

They also may not clean the floor before they attend to the next customers.  It is really not great to step on someone’s hair, with your favourite pair of sneakers.

Most of the barbers our twins have been to, they do not chat with them.  The barbers are just waiting for the hair cut to be done.  There is simply no chemistry connection.  So, twins could just read or play with their phones, during the hair cut.

I talk to the barber, hairstylist.

Once I was in Kota Kinabalu, had my hair cut done, and face hair trimmed at a really hipster barbershop, which played some awesome music, which I could still remember.  I talked to the barber, who is the owner, learn about where he has done his work, how much he likes arts as well as getting to know a little bit about me.

Talking about music, most barbershops do not play the right genre of music to reflect the identity.

It just Spotify, all the way.  Sometimes, 80s, could be nice, but could sound old.  Jazz, is good too.  But does not appeal to younger crowd (except Japan, most hipster food outlets we have been to played some really nice jazz tracks).  Current hits, makes your barbershop feel like hair salon.  So, something to ponder.

So, cleanliness is crucial, other than the style.

I really like my hair done in a clean environment.  Often I may then head off for the next meeting.  Like the hair cut I had in Kota Kinabalu, after that, I had dinner with the client, who may or may not realised I just had a hair cut.

What is your preference in barber and barbershop?