Mari Anda Sekat (MAS)

As the title of this entry is about, got sekat by Malaysian Airlines online miles redemption.

In March, I was booking a trip with Retna to Sri Lanka via the miles redemption, the payment could not go through.  Contacted the Malaysia Airlines team via Facebook, no reply.

Called the Malaysia Airlines customer line, was told the payment was down since a month ago.

Wow, for such a large if not world class airline company, to have its payment system down for a month?  I guess that time, the CEO of the team seriously not doing their job right.

So, I called and was charged RM70 per passenger for the call in service fee.  The customer service personnel told me that I could have done this online, to avoid such charges.  I replied, “Your payment system is down.”

“Yes Mr. Tan, we apologise for that, it has been like this for a month,” he replied.

Anyway, the frustration added on when he got Retna’s name wrong and then he told me, he needed to call me back.  That call came to me after 1.5 hour, which was closed to 11:45pm, passed my bed time.

Last night, I did the same miles redemption (remind myself no more Enrich miles gained), guess what, the payment system was again down.  This time, according to the customer service personnel, the payment system was down a while ago.

The site only accepts credit cards payment as the single method, no other method.


In 2015, I redeemed flight to Sydney, the whole process was seamless, but that was during the previous CEO, whom now went back to his previous airline.

We are now in a New Malaysia phase, so, Malaysian Airlines, can you at least try to be one too?